1. Simple French Toast Recipe ♥

    My best friend told me she made the most delicious French Toast, so I tried it myself. Its really easy to make, and delicious. Perfect for a snack! Its even better if you have juice to pair it with! ♥

    Estimated cost: Less than 100 php

    Servings: 25

    You’ll need:

    Cinnamon powder





    Mix cinnamon powder, egg and milk.

    Dip the bread in the mix. Do not soak too long or else the bread will become soft and break.

    Fry the bread about a minute don’t forget to put butter first.

    Aaaand finished. Here’s your french toast! Perfect for every breakfast!

  2. Simple Chocomallows ♥

    I was inspired to cook my own version of choco mallows today, and BOY! IT WAS  heavenly sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

    You’ll be needing:


    Big white marshmallows

    Chocolate of your choice, minus the  extra toppings like nuts, raisins etc.

    Position the fita biscuit first, the chocolate and lastly the mallow on top.

    Put in the microwave for 10 seconds.

    Ready to be eaten!

    Cost me about only 60 pesos! And I can make a lot of servings with these!

  3. Simple Okonomiyaki

    Today I decided to watch a few youtube videos and make my own simple okonomiyaki.I have been wanting to make takoyaki at first, but since I don’t own a takoyaki pan, I decided to make Okonomiyaki instead.

    Read ahead on how to make okonomiyaki.

    You’ll be needing:

    worchestershire sauce ( I can’t pronounce this properly! ) 



    Bacon strips or bits



    Starch 1 half cup

    Water 1 half cup

    Baking powder 1 teaspoon

    I cut the cabbage into half and cut it again into 2 pieces.

    Slice the cabbage to small pieces. I cut it to even smaller bits than shown on the picture. Set aside.

    I got one onion. 

    Sliced and diced it.

    Cooked it in oil till its a little brownish in color.

    Set aside the cooked onions and cabbage

    Get the 1/2 cup flour, water and teaspoon of baking powder. Mix well.

    Mix the cabbage, onion and starch altogether.

    Slide the mixture into a hot pan. (Don’t forget to put oil on the pan first, else it will stick!) 

    Add toppings of your choice. Mine is Bacon. 

    Add egg to taste.

    Cover the pan for a while, wait till the bottom is golden brown then ready to be flipped on its other side to cook.

    Here it is, golden brown and a bit crispy.

    Put worcestershire sauce and mayonnaise.

    Here it is, my simple okonomiyaki that tastes a bit like takoyaki.

    It tastes good. I forgot to add a bit of seasoning for it to taste a bit better. Its a good thing I put bacon and eggs. I’d fry the bacon next time and cut it to bits and pour it into the mixture instead of putting it as strips.