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  3. Day 13

    I went out with the “ladies” today for a walk in the “countryside”. 

    sidenote: am not really in the mood for typing in about my day because I am </3, but ill manage anyway for the sake of doing it.

    The scenery is again, refreshingly different to where I was from. I know there were grass and bushes everywhere, but at least the wind was clean and there was no smog.

    I’ve seen quite a number of animals—wild ones, nope, not the domesticated ones, the wild ones. Ponies, Horses, Geese, ducks, a rabbit some cows.

    I’ve also seen a preserved house right after the world war. Gardens too. It was a great experience all in all. Right after the walk with the ladies, we headed to the cinema to watch the 5 year engagement. It was a good flick, however there were rude scenes and quite awkward to watch it with nan and my brother.

    Leaving this entry with a video—cos am not in the mood.


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  7. “Only someone who can say ‘I love you” is capable of saying “I forgive you”.”
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    Photo Courtesy: happyballoons

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